Faster, More Convenient at Meal Time

Save Money, Eat Healthier

Savory Blended Flavor

Extended Shelf Life

Fresh, Fast & Natural

Introducing Mushroom Crumble

Pre-cut, ready to use, farm fresh, savory mushroom blend.

Countless Uses

Meat substitute
Meat Loaf

Mushroom Crumble is a mix of highest quality brown and white mushrooms, including Crimini, Portobello, Button and Shiitake.

Uniformly diced and recipe ready, Mushroom Crumble will save both time and labor. Our unique dicing method ensures a consistent and evenly-sized crumble that cooks to a perfect texture. Packed using a patented technology that minimizes condensation, the mushroom blend stays fresh for up to 12 days, while retaining its flavor and texture without taking on extra moisture.

The extended shelf life also creates less waste, making it an economical choice for any kitchen.

Mushroom Crumble works for a wide variety of dishes and menus, including vegetarian, plant forward and “flexitarian” menu options. Ready to be seasoned, sautéed, or added to any recipe, from breakfast burritos to “blending” with ground meat to create healthier burgers, tacos, and meatballs.

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